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The Canadian Political Parties and Political Interest Groups Portal allows you to search web archived content from 50 political parties and political interest groups, from October 2005 to March 2015.

Curious how the Liberal Party of Canada responded to the 2008 financial crisis (a search for "recession" in 2008, liberal.ca)? How the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives reacted to Michael Ignatieff? Now you can check it all out.

Options include:

Basic keyword searching [Example: "Rob Ford", only Liberal.ca]
Graphing trends over time [Example: Liberal Opposition Leaders, 2005-2015]
Advanced search, including words in proximity to each other [Example:
environmental and tax within 25 words of each other]

The site provides access to the University of Toronto's Archive-It Collection of Canadian Political Parties and Political Interest Groups, which they have been collecting since late 2005. For information on what is within this collection, please see the University of Toronto's page. Please contact Professor Ian Milligan (History, University of Waterloo) with comments and suggestions about the site.