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How this tool works

  1. Fill out the form fields on the left.
  2. Add "Subject" and edit "Message" to make personal (we will add candidate's name at beginning).
  3. Click this button.
  4. Then Drag and Drop newly appeared "NDPSpeedFill" link to your bookmark bar in browser.
  5. Follow the contact page links for NDP Candidates listed below.
  6. Click the "NDPSpeedFill" bookmark on your bookmark toolbar.
  7. The form will complete with the data your entered here in the first step.
  8. Submit form and repeat steps 5 through 8 until all Candidates contacted.

These are the ridings where the NDP supporters must vote for the Liberal Party candidate:

Brampton Centre (ON) 
Ask NDP candidate Rosemary Keenan to endorse Liberal's Ramesh Sangha: 

Aurora -- Oak Ridges -- Richmond Hill (ON) 
Ask NDP candidate Brenda Power to endorse Liberal's Leona Alleslev: 

Saint John -- Rothesay (NB) 
Ask NDP candidate AJ Griffin to endorse Liberal's Wayne Long: 

Bay of Quinte (ON) 
Ask NDP candidate Terry Cassidy to endorse Liberal's Neil Ellis: 

Vaughan -- Woodbridge (ON) 
Ask NDP candidate Adriana Zichy to endorse Liberal's Francesco Sorbara 

Haldimand -- Norfolk (ON) 
Ask NDP candidate John Harris to endorse Liberal's Joan Mouland: 

Northumberland -- Peterborough South (ON) 
Ask NDP candidate Russ Christianson to endorse Liberal's Kim Rudd: 

King -- Vaughan (ON) 
Ask NDP candidate Natalie Rizzo to endorse Liberal's Deb Schulte: