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Open letters to Stephen Harper and Conservative MPs

Many Canadians have been concerned about the conduct of the Harper Conservatives.

Bill C-38, also known as the Budget Implementation Bill or Ominous Bill, has raised that level of concern.  This 450 page Bill gutted decades of important legislation that defined traditional values in Canada.  Many new laws that were never discussed in the last election were passed with only one rushed vote.  The combined Opposition parties, who represent a majority of Canadians, were adamantly opposed to it.  Not a single one of their amendments to the Bill was accepted by the Harper Conservatives.

This Bill empowers US police to operate in Canada with exactly the same power as the RCMP, it limits the Old Age Security, which Harper promised never to do, and it eliminates environmental laws that protected Canada's natural diversity.  It repealed Canada's involment in the binding Kyoto Protocol, gutted the Fisheries Habitat Act, removed anti-hate provisions from the Canadian Human Rights Act, and much much more, all while conferring enormous benefits on Harper's friends in Big Oil.

The letters shown on this site are entitled 'Open Letters'.  They are offered to Canadians both to be sent to Conservative MPs, and to appear on this website.  Those who signed them were asked to include their own comments, and many did.

If these letters, or the comments added by other concerned Canadians, reflect your own concerns, there is a place here for your comments.  Your participation is most welcome.

The Harper Conservatives must know that Canadians recognize their government as the Government of Canada, not as 'The Harper Government', as Stephen Harper recently re-named it in all his official communications. But perhaps in this, Harper is right:  his is not the Government of Canada, rather it is 'The Harper Government' - and his constituency is not the Canadian people, but rather the corporations, especially the oil industry, that his entire agenda supports in spite of the will of Canadians.