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    Stopharper.org is non-partisan in that it promotes no single party as an alternative to the Harper Conservatives.

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StopHarper.org is here to promote real Canadian values.  These values exist in our history and in our people.  They also have been embodied in some of our legislation, such as the Canada Health Act, and environmental, social and constitutional legislation.

Canadians naturally care about their fellow citizens.  They care about those suffering medical crises, those who are economically disadvantaged or who are disabled.

We also love our country’s beautiful, majestic environments from coast to coast.  We have supported legislation that ensures the land, its waters and its creatures are protected from destructive human activity, including industrial resource extraction. We have nonetheless enabled resource extraction through rigorously applied environmental assessment standards that involve professional, individual and First Nations consultation to ensure our values are represented, and limit industrial impacts.

The Harper Conservatives do not respond to these values in Canadians.  Instead, they choose to support exactly the opposite values.  This government has rolled back many social programs, and gutted decades of environmental laws.  It has severely limited environmental assessment programs to empower industries throughout Canada, including the tar sands, pipelines and tankers on our coasts and aquaculture that threatens wild salmon.  They remove legal obstacles to industrial activity in all rivers and lakes throughout the land – the life blood of the country.

Worst of all, through close collaboration with industry, including the media industry, this government tells us over and over that their values are our values.  They tell us that Canadians have one national concern:  the economy.  Everything else is secondary, and less important.

On this site we do not accept this premise.  So, we offer Canadians the opportunity to express their values as they really are. Canadians’ handwritten comments appear on thousands of letters, and in almost every case, the values they express sharply contrast with the Harper Conservative agenda.

If you find value here, please help us carry on with this project with your financial support.